There are about 4 million births in the U.S. per year, close to 10% of them are premature, or less than 37 weeks gestation.  Prematurity is associated with serious negative outcomes for both babies and their families.  The impact of prematurity is immense, carrying adverse short-term, life-threatening effects; as well as profound, long-term chronic consequences.

Premature infants are highly vulnerable for two particular reasons.  First, their bodies are ill-equipped to dealing with the demands of a foreign world outside the womb; a suitable analogy would be envisioning a fish attempting to survive out of water.  Secondly, the time spent prematurely outside of the womb coincides with a critical time for growth and development of many important body organs and their function, most notably the brain.

Little Foot Innovation is committed to creating and applying technologies to help our most vulnerable little-ones survive and thrive.  We are founded by a PhD scientist and former newborn intensive care unit (NICU) nurse, and our goal is to shine the spotlight of innovation upon common and widespread problems affecting the health and well-being of premature infants and their families.  We believe solutions are at hand and we are prepared to take big steps to make them a reality.